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How to Verify a Professional's License in Spokane?

Before hiring a professional in Spokane, it is always best to request proof of licensure from the individual. The Washington State Department of Licensing handles the licensing and regulation of over 35 types of professions in the City of Spokane City, and you can verify a professional's license status by utilizing the department's license lookup tool. Note that other agencies also regulate the activities of certain categories of Spokane professionals in Spokane. For example, the registration and regulation of building-related professionals, such as contractors, is handled by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industry. You can verify a contractor's registration status in Spokane by using the Washington State Department of Labor and Industry contractor search tool.

Upon determining the professional's license or registration status, residents of Spokane must also ensure that this individual obtains the necessary permits for the job. For example, a building permit is necessary for starting any construction work in the city. These types of permits are issued by the Spokane Business and Development Service Division via its Development Services Center. You can direct all queries concerning building permits to the Development Services Center by calling (509) 625 - 6300.

Do Spokane Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

There are currently 29 official neighborhood councils in Spokane, and each of these councils elects a representative to the neighborhood Community Assembly. A neighborhood council is an organization created to promote residents' participation in local government affairs and improve the quality of life of people in a neighborhood. While neighborhood councils in Spokane do not issue building permits, they typically advocate for their communities on matters involving public housing, public health, emergency preparedness, development, and land use and zoning. For example, the Peaceful Valley Neighborhood Council expressed its interest in using a portion of Glover Field for the construction of a multi-purpose building for the neighborhood. To make sure of this, the council submitted an official letter to the Spokane City Council and Spokane Parks Department requesting support for the placement of the building. In addition to addressing issues involving land use and zoning, neighborhood councils in Spokane also develop initiatives to protect lives and enhance safety in their respective neighborhoods. For example, the Audubon Downriver Neighborhood Council is set to carry out the construction of a pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Northwest Boulevard and Alice Street. The proposed project was necessitated by the need to make crossing in the area easy and safe. You can find a neighborhood council near you by utilizing the city's neighborhood council map.

How Do You File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Spokane?

Complaints concerning unfair and deceptive business practices in Spokane are handled by the Consumer Protection Division of the Washington State Office of the Attorney General. Residents of the city can file a complaint with this division online, by calling (800) 551-4636, or by downloading, completing, and submitting a general complaint form to:

  • Office of the Attorney General
  • Consumer Protection Division
  • 800 5th Avenue
  • Suite 2000
  • Seattle, WA 98104 - 3188

The Consumer Protection Division of the Washington State Office of the Attorney General reviews all complaints before taking any action. The review process typically determines if the division will handle or transfer the matter to another state agency. In cases where the complaint falls under the jurisdiction of the division, the matter will be assigned to a staff member who would lead an investigation and mediation between the parties involved. Note that complainants will be provided with information about the staff member that is handling the matter to facilitate proper communication between them. A complaint is typically resolved when the business is informed about the complaints filed against them, and they are ready to accept the suggestions of the Consumer Protection Division of the Washington State Office of the Attorney General. However, residents of Spokane must understand that reporting a matter to the division does not guarantee that they will recover all that was lost to the business. Residents who desire to recover their money in full can file the matter in an appropriate court. Matters that involve $10, 000 or less can be filed as small claims in Spokane County District Court.

Finally, consumer complaints that involve criminal activities like identity theft, and all other types of consumer fraud, can also be reported to the Spokane City Police Department by calling (509) 456 - 2233.

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